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Nizhny novgorod, russia.

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pavilion 1

NIZHNY Studios provides a pavilion with over 6400 square metres of ideally suited film and television production space while also providing top of the line support and state of the art advancements in both efficiency and comfort.


We provide exceptional service and comfort in a large, brand new, state of the art shooting space which also includes large entrance gates for ease of unloading and wrapping equipment. With a main pavilion measuring in at over 1440 square metres with a ceiling height of 17 metres, NIZHNY Studios can accompany even the biggest productions with ease.



September, 2018

Pavilion 1


Pavilion 1


Pavilions 2, 3, 4

APRIL, 2019

Pavilion 1

The building includes

Floor layout

Offering what no other studio in Eastern Europe can, NIZHNY Studios provides four floors which include rooms for film studios, sound studios, the largest props warehouse in the country, classrooms, a hostel for overnight accommodations, and even a gym, virtually guaranteeing the most comfortable and efficient working environment in Russia.

floor plans

future plans

After the launch of Pavilion 1, NIZHNY plans to expand rapidly, adding an additional two pavilions while keeping rental prices lower than comparable studios in Europe and America. The opportunity for growth at NIZHNY is both exciting and ambitious with plans to attract a list productions not only in Russia and Europe, but from around the world.

available buildings 

Three already existing, adjacent production buildings with a total area of 21,500 sq.m:

  • 1 - Pavilion 1
  • 2 - Three adjacent production buildings
  • 3 - Land lot 33,000 sq.m
  • 4 - 3-story brick building with a total area of 2500 sq.m

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